Nan, Inc.
Oahu's Largest Locally-Owned Construction Firm

A blog about recent news and projects related to Nan, Inc. & owner Patrick Shin

What can you find here?

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings​

Residential & Hospitality

About Nan, Inc.

The goal of this blog is to provide information about Nan, Inc., owner Patrick Shin, and recent projects and news. Nan, Inc. is Oahu’s largest locally-owned construction firm, so much of the news is related to Oahu and the other surrounding islands of Hawaii.  

Finally, it’s always nice to give back. Nan, Inc. has achieved a great deal of success having completed over 3,000 construction projects in the past 30 years.  As a result of this success, Nan, Inc owner Patrick Shin, have made a commitment to give back to the local community.  Over the years, Patrick Shin has donated millions of dollars as well as many volunteer hours to help local causes including hospital construction, environmental causes, educational causes, and more. 


Nan, Inc.’s construction and contracting services include the following:

  • Construction management
  • General contracting
  • Design-build

Industries Served

Nan, Inc’s provides construction services for a variety of commercial, hospitality and residential industries, including:

  • Administrative buildings
  • Aviation construction
  • Civil projects
  • Design/build projects
  • Educational buildings
  • Historical projects
  • Housing
  • Industrial
  • Medical/laboratory projects
  • Residential
  • Training facilities
  • Transportation

Interesting Facts about Nan, Inc.

A few interesting facts:

  • The company is one of the 5 biggest construction companies on the islands of Hawaii.
  • Nan Inc has done a lot of volunteering events over the years.
  • 3,000+ of successful projects in Hawaii
  • Patrick Nan Shin started his construction company in the 1990’s.
  • We always work together with subcontractors and other small businesses and give back to the community.