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Commercial Buildings​

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About Nan Inc & This Blog

Although this blog is created by Nan Inc (read more about Nan Inc History here), we try to be as objective as possible in writing our blog articles. The goal of this blog is to educate people about construction, which is our biggest passion. Since we are based in Hawaii, we can’t really help it to write a bit about this as well.

Finally, it’s always nice to give back. We have received a lot of projects (and because of that a lot of financial success), so we also write the occassional article about volunteering and giving back to the community.​

Interesting Facts about Nan Inc

Here are some interesting facts about Nan Inc (to get to know us a bit better)

  • The company is one of the 5 biggest construction companies on the islands of Hawaii.
  • Nan Inc has done a lot of volunteering events over the years.
  • 100+ of successful projects in Hawaii
  • Nan Inc Owner Patrick Nan Shin started his construction company in the 1990’s.
  • We always work together with subcontractors and other small businesses and give back to the community.