Nan Inc Owner

About Patrick Shin, Owner of Nan Inc. Construction

Patrick Shin is the owner of Nan Inc construction company (the right person on the picture).He started the firm over 30 years ago in the year 1990. The business is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After working for 2 years in a local Hawaiian construction company, Patrick Nan Shin decided it was time to follow his dreams and become an entrepreneur. He started his own construction firm, called Nan Inc. The name is part of his Korean name ”Nan Chul Shin”.

Of course, the start is always very difficult. Thanks to Patrick Shin’s determination and passion he was able to turn Nan Inc into a success story. The firm continues to receive new interesting government contracts and new challenges.  As owner of Nan Inc., Patrick Shin has built the firm into one of the largest and most successful construction companies on Oahu.

Patrick Shin and his company specialize in preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services.

His Passions

As the owner of one of Hawaii’s biggest construction companies, Patrick Shin still makes time for his hobbies and other activities. He loves being in the outdoor and talking to the local people living on the island. 

Patrick Shin migrated from South Korea and moved to Hawaii when he was still young. He has never forgotten his roots, and that’s why every year he loves contributing to a Korean festival on the island of Hawaii. You can watch more in the below video. 

His Love for The Korean Festival Hawaii

Of course the owner of Nan Inc will contribute to the Korean Festival in Hawaii. His ethnicity is Korean, and he loves to share the culture, the delicious food with the people of Hawaii.

The Korean Festival in Hawaii is an annuel event, and is run by the Hawaii Korean Chamber of Commerce, with the support of dozens of community organizations and businesses, and hundreds of volunteers. Nan Inc has shown their support for many years, and so have many other businesses located on the island of Hawaii.

Performance during the Korean Festival in Hawaii

The purpose of the Korean Festival is to share, promote, and raise awareness of Korean culture in the community. Each year the festival generates a lot of profits which fund service projects and ventures to benefit both the Korean community, but also the larger community of Oahu. 

The Korean festival is really a passion of Patrick Shin, because it gives the people of Hawaii a unique look into South Korean culture, food, dance, entertainment and so much more.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community could be considered also a passion. ”Nan Inc construction has been very fortunate to be a successful company, and the people of Hawaii should prosper in the process too”, says owner Patrick Shin.

Patrick Shin has also started his own Nan Inc Volunteering Club. In this club, the owner and his staff help restore and fix things all across Hawaii. In February 2021, about 50 Nan Inc volunteers spent their Saturday morning working to help repair the Koko Crater Trail. A grassroots non-profit organization called the Kokonut Koalition is spearheading the effort to rebuild the former military tram line which has fallen into disrepair due to heavy use and erosion.

This is a very big deal, since a lot of these volunteers are experienced craft and tradesmen who know what they are doing. Other volunteers formed a human chain, and were passing buckets of gravel and large wooden beams up the mountain.

Founding Nan Inc. in Hawaii

Patrick Shin already had the dream to become an entrepreneur from a young age. He always wanted to be the CEO of his own construction company. After moving to Oahu, Hawaii he received some opportunities to make his dream a reality.

Initially, he did an internship in a construction firm based in Hawaii. Patrick Shin realized that he liked working in construction and also very liked living on the islands of Hawaii. He decided to go all-in on his dream and make his dream a reality.  Patrick Shin founded Nan Inc. in 1990, and in the past 30 years, his construction company has grown to employ over 500 people and has built some of the greatest commercial projects on Oahu.