Nan Inc Owner Success Story

Nan Inc Owner Shares His Success Story

Today, Nan Inc Construction is one of Hawaii’s biggest construction company. Nan Chul Shin is the owner of Nan Inc, a general contractor who also loves to give back to the community. Without the help of the community, he couldn’t have built such a great construction business. Although he is the owner, he can’t thank his employees enough for all the help they have given him over the years.

In 1990, Nan Inc was a very small local construction company. Today, it’s one of the biggest firms receiving huge government contracts every year. But how did he get to that level? One thing is for sure, the journey wasn’t easy.

In this article we will discuss how he became the owner of one of Hawaii’s biggest construction companies.


How It All Started

His journey from being a common man to a well-known public figure of Hawaii was far from easy. Nan Chul Shin was born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin. Later when he emigrated to the United States he changed his name. He thought a name like that fit better with the culture in the USA. His brothers and sisters also came over to the USA, so he had to share a one-bedroom with all his siblings. He always had the dream to move to the USA.  His dream eventually came through when he had the change to live with his older brother in New York to help him with his fish business.

Nan Chul Shin - owner of Nan Inc. Construction on Oahu, Hawaii

Destiny Had Different Plans

As it turned out, destiny had different plans for him. While he was still living in New York he earned a scholarship for soccer by Bowling Green State University, which further helped him to go for his majors in business administration at the same university.

This can be seen as a turning point. Because without this he wouldn’t be able to go to university. After his graduation, he moved to Hawaii and worked as a laborer for a construction company for almost two years. He must have liked construction a lot because after that he decided to start his own company. He started his construction company Nan Inc as a one-man business in 1990. 20 years later, in 2010, there were already working 500 employers for him. That was the beginning of the Nan Inc era in Hawaii.

Nan Inc was a new company but quickly received many multi-million projects over the year.  The construction company was a major player in the hospitality industry, having different chains of hotels such as the Hilton giving them contracts. Thanks to the trust of the Hawaiian community and local businesses, Nan Inc grew to one of the largest construction companies in Hawaii.

Having the first couple of big projects is usually the hard part. Once people noticed that we actually delivered (and fast) more and more new projects came.  From undertaking new constructions, renovating historic buildings, shaping up the office and administrative facilities, looking after warehouses and multi-family facilities to road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and Anti-terrorism construction. According to Nan Inc’s Bloomberg profile, they also provide design-build services. Construction services in all these fields made Nan Inc the great company that we know today. Since the day of his first success, he never looked back.

When Becoming Successful

When a person becomes successful, he becomes more prideful in a lot of cases. For Nan Chul Shin this was the contrary. When he had his first success he became more humble and grounded as a result. He started to give back to many charitable organizations and even started some as an individual initiative.

It was his serious efforts, determination, and desire to serve the society, which made his venture Nan Inc the largest locally owned general contractor in Hawaii.

Today, he is also a charity leader who has donated a lot of money to noble causes such as hospitals, schools, food banks, healthcare foundations, cancer societies, and orphanages in and around Hawaii. This makes him a real man with a heart of gold.

With no fanfare and no fuss, he’s is not just a construction leader but a leader of underprivileged, poor, and the needy. Certainly, he’s a true human away from all the vices!